Poetry with Punch

We work on improving the literacy skills of young people through boxercise, creative writing and other forms of art.

What we do is engage their body and mind as one entity instead of two separate units.

Poetry with Punch does this to entice and inspire so that its participants can gain confidence, self worth and break stereotypes which then gives them the capacity to work towards their sporting AND academic goals.


It is widely regarded that boxing and poetry are polar opposites and in some ways they are. However, they also share many resemblances and common values.

Boetry explores and combines the unusual blend of boxing and poetry. Instead of separating and categorising, this original intermix of artistry embraces its similarities and delves in to the rhythm, repetition, timing, discipline, self-control and performance that link these two creative activities.

“Mens sana in corpore sano”

“A healthy body leads to a healthy mind”

Enrichment days:
The Poetry with Punch enrichment is a bite sized, taster version of the project. This day-long initiative allows up to 120 students – split in to four classes – to partake in 4 x 1 hour workshops.

Each hour they shall carousel between poetry writing & performance, music producing, photography and dance choreography after a morning assembly and introduction.

It is a hassle free, cost-effective method to acquire the Poetry with Punch experience.

1 booking guarantees a minimum of 4 artists for your school or organisation.

Please note that Boxercise classes can also be incorporated upon request.


The School of Bard Knocks:
Poetry with Punch holiday clubs – also known as the School of Bard Knocks – is a week-long initiative that has been designed with the possibility of some of its students gaining a nationally recognised qualification through Arts Award.

A class of 30 young people shall spend 4 full days in a fun environment, learning and creating work in preparation for a showcase event during day 5. Each performance shall demonstrate aspects of the art forms that are taught throughout the week.


During this process they shall have to opportunity to:

      • Write and perform a poem, RAP or song either individually or as a small group.
      • Create and record their own music that can be used as a backing track to their written words.
      • Explore martial arts and dance routines through choreographed movement.
      • Experience the benefits and discipline of boxing through our non-contact boxercise class – delivered by professional boxers & coaches.
      • Learn the skills of photography so that they can effectively document their own progress throughout the project as well as having a high-resolution photograph taken by our professional photographer – unless the parent objects.

It is important to note that NO images of the children shall be used on any material without the parents’ approval.

Each student shall also receive goodies and freebies throughout the course of the week. The School of Bard Knocks caters for all ages from Year 5 and above. It is especially suitable for transitioning students that shall be joining your school in the new academic year.

I first saw Matt at an English leaders’ workshop and was really impressed by the way he presented himself and engaged with the audience. He has bags of skill, and plenty of energy and enthusiasm that I knew would be perfect for my school. So I booked him in to work with year 4 and … Continue reading Mrs Ireland, St John the Baptist Primary School

Mrs Ireland, St John the Baptist Primary School